Therapy for Trauma and PTSD


As a trauma therapist, I prioritize safety and respect for your boundaries. I want to hear anything you want to tell me, and if you aren't ready to share your story, we can work on tools for soothing the nervous system and creating safe relationships in your current life.

I am an eclectic therapist, but I pull from mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapies, Seeking Safety and somatic therapies, including the Trauma Resiliency Model, to support you in healing now, whatever happened then.

Whatever you're experiencing now - maybe intrusive and painful memories, dissociative episodes, jumpiness, guilt and shame, negative thoughts about yourself and others or even numbness - I invite you to contact me to get a sense for my style and see if I could be a good fit for you.

Healing is possible. And no matter what, you deserve to feel safe and to have a life that feels worth living.