Seeking Radical Sanity?


Maybe making a life as an artist feels inevitable to you, or maybe it's a choice you've made because you want to experience a particular kind of fulfillment in your work and community. Either way, if you're on this page you have probably already come into contact with some of the joys and complexities of the artist life.

Often times artists find themselves having to engage in activities that are deeply difficult and not the thing that led them into the field in the first place - such as networking, self-promotion, keeping up with a business plan, or tolerating rejection after rejection until finally something works out. Furthermore, artists often have to deal with nepotism, racism and sexism in their field, and push past internal blocks such as creative lulls, depression, substance abuse, self-doubt or inhibition and shame.

If any of this resonates with you, therapy might be a place where you can heal, deepen your creativity, and learn skills for navigating the bizarre and glorious world of art.

Madness and Creativity

I once heard poet Eileen Myles speak about her philosophy of "Radical Sanity." I understood her to mean that sanity can provide a sharpened lens for viewing and articulating the radical madness of the actual world. Living in constant pain and discomfort is not a prerequisite for creative production. Wellness can be a gateway to new levels of creativity. Wellness doesn't have to mean a circumscribed, boring existence. Sanity can be radical. And no matter what, you deserve to be well.

I take a collaborative, non-prescriptive, strengths-based approach to therapy. I work to understand you in the context of your life and from there to support you in healing and developing new skills. If it is right for you, we can engage the creative arts to deepen the process of healing and provide you with opportunities to experiment with new ways of making and connecting to your work.