Girls Soccer Network

This week I got the opportunity to share some thoughts on self-love and eating disorder prevention with the Girls Soccer Network, an awesome holistic resource for girls who play or love soccer.

In their own words: "Girls Soccer Network is a supportive online community for those who love the beautiful game. We cover the latest in news, style, fitness, well being, entertainment, friendships and all the things that matter most to the young women playing the game at this exciting time."

Team sports offer incredible opportunities for girls to build confidence, strength, skill and friendship. Unfortunately, sometimes unhealthy dynamics in a sports team or with a disordered coach can become extremely dangerous for the mental health of players. My hope is that by reaching out to this community, we can make the fields, pools and stadiums in our communities safe and nurturing places for body, mind and soul.

Please check out the article and share widely with the athletes and sports lovers in your life!