Healthy SExuality


"Sex is the one place where we today can learn to treat people as people."

                 -Alex Comfort, MB, PhD, The Joy of Sex


There are so many paths that can lead us to that lonely, barren place of longing for a more fulfilling sex life. Maybe you used to thrive sexually and are trying to get back to a place of creativity, connection and pleasure. Or maybe for whatever reason your sexuality is something that has always eluded you. For many people, traumatic or non-affirming experiences around sexuality can stunt our sexual growth and lead to disturbance and inhibition in a realm that can otherwise be deeply life-affirming.

I take a compassionate, curious, respectful, open-minded, lgbtq affirming, sex-positive stance towards exploring sexuality. I support you in healing old wounds, increasing your understanding of what's going on, and building up your capacity for intimacy and pleasure. Whether you are experiencing dysfunction, boredom, fear or hopelessness, I believe that healing is possible, and that healthy sexuality can be a major part of a joyful, connected life.